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Kevin O'Reilly, CFP®, is a financial advisor who specializes in working with parents of twins and triplets. Have a financial question? Ask Kevin!
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Stuff My Triplets Say – Press Releases

Several years ago, when my kids were in Kindergarten, my middle triplet decided to offer his advice on the subject of a press release I was writing. I believe it was on the topic of a new certification I had been granted. The conversation went something like this: Me (to my wife): “Honey, I need some […]

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Can You Live by the 30% Rule?

When I was a student at Indiana University, I worked as an analyst in IU’s Center for Real Estate Studies. I didn’t get rich, but it was a cool college job.  Much of my effort was directed at producing the Housing Affordability Index for the state of Indiana. (In a somewhat related side note, Indianapolis was […]

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Credit card users spend more

The Easier It Is, the More We Spend

The research is pretty unambiguous – the average consumer spends more when using a credit card than when paying cash. This probably makes sense to most of us on an intuitive level, but it may seem like the gap would be small.  Furthermore, credit cards have some definite benefits over our traditional transaction mechanism, cash. […]

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Apple bite

When the Structure Breaks Down

The free fall in Apple’s share price has been documented ad nauseam by the financial media in recent weeks.  But how has it impacted fixed income investors? This weekend’s Wall Street Journal (subscribers) features an interesting case study that details how investors in income-generating “structured products” fared poorly by investing in products that are linked to Apple’s stock […]

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Stuff My Triplets Say – Credit Cards

In celebration of our triplets turning eight today, I’d like to share a conversation that recently took place in our house. Son: Mom, you used your credit card? So you didn’t have to pay? Other son: You have to pay at the end of the month; otherwise, you pay double the next month. And if […]

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Retirement Plan Contribution Limits for 2013

There is some good news in the land of Retirement Planning for 2013.  Of course, it remains hard to predict what our taxes will look like next year, but everybody will have the ability to set aside more than we did last year on a tax-advantaged basis. 401k contributions For 2013, the maximum 401k contribution […]

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From TwentySomething to Millionaire

My fellow financial blogger and Garrett Planning Network member Jim Blankenship has challenged members of the financial planning community to do our part to encourage an increase in the overall savings rate in America.  The numbers are pretty dismal of late.  According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, our savings rate was actually negative in […]

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Turkey and triplets

Stuff My Triplets Say – Thanksgiving Edition

For several years, without particular discipline or regularity, I’ve been capturing random statements that come out of the mouths of my triplets. This was recommended to me by more seasoned parents, and it seems like the kind of thing I’d regret not having done 15 years from now. In the spirit of sharing at Thanksgiving, I […]

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Social Security

Social Security COLA for 2013

There is some good news and some bad news in the Social Security Administration’s recent announcement regarding the Cost of Living Adjustment for 2013.   The (moderately) good news is that Social Security recipients will receive a 1.7% increase in their checks in 2013. More relevant for parents of twins and triplets is the bad news: […]

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A Modern Real Estate Dilemma

I recently received a voicemail from my father-in-law indicating that there was an article on the front page of Sunday’s Real Estate section in the Arizona Republic that I really ought to read.  His insistence made it clear that something was “up”, so we stopped at the store and got a copy of the Sunday paper. […]

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