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Debt Myth: You Don’t Qualify for Student Loans

Do you qualify for Federal student loans? It’s not Breaking News that a college education is expensive and getting moreso at a rate that exceeds the inflation rate.  If you’re a parent of twins or triplets, so much the worse. How that education gets paid depends on personal values, income and assets, among other things. […]

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Dollar Cost Averaging

What is Dollar-Cost Averaging?

A general investing maxim that has been passed down over the years is that Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is a good way to invest, particularly for beginning investors. The basic approach is that you invest a consistent amount at regular intervals, which ensures that you buy more shares when prices are low (and fewer shares […]

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Education Pays

Want a Job? Education Pays

I continue to be surprised and somewhat perplexed about the current popularity of questioning the value of a college education.  I think there are many thought-provoking aspects to the discussion, a couple of which make a lot of sense to me.  Let’s face it:  the ever-escalating cost of college is making life more financially difficult […]

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My Family

Quoted in Reuters: How parents of multiples tackle financial challenges

My family was recently featured on Reuters Money regarding the financial challenges faced by parents of triplets/multiples. Aside from the nervousness of laying ourselves bare for the world, it caused me to reflect on that period of our lives, and review some of what we did right and wrong. Certainly, there are some unique and often surprising financial […]

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triplet scholarships

College scholarships for twins and triplets

As we approach the time of year during which high school seniors finalize their college plans, I thought I’d offer a post detailing some scholarships that are either exclusive to or particularly valuable for twins and triplets.  Paying for college is a burden known to most parents, but it’s particularly taxing to those who have […]

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Triplets and college admission

Will my triplet siblings prevent me from getting into Harvard?

Brother, Can You Spare Me an Admission Slot? I found an interesting article in the NY Times from a couple of years ago on the admission prospects for twins and triplets when they apply for the same college. The basic question the article seeks to resolve is “does the college candidacy of one sibling of the same class negatively […]

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