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Investors Behaving Badly…?

Do investors behave badly?  I’m not referring to institutional traders that risk billions, and in the view of some put entire markets at risk. I’m talking about individual investors, everyday people who primarily invest to ensure a comfortable retirement in the future.  And by “bad”, I don’t mean with bad intent.  I’m referring to behavior […]

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Exchange Traded Funds

Are ETFs dangerous to your wealth?

Can you feel it comin’? As I write this post, I’m listening to the new Velvet Years EP from Blue Eyed Jesus.  While the title song deals with a sort of revolution of a very different nature, the “revolution” concept seems appropriate when considering the impact ETFs have and will likely continue to have on […]

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Roth IRA Movement

A Roth IRA Revolution

Okay, revolution may be a bit strong.  In reality, Roth IRAs have been around for awhile, and even a few hundred bloggers collaborating doesn’t make a revolution.  So maybe movement is a better word.  That is what Jeff Rose is proposing on his Good Financial Cents blog.  Jeff recently spoke to a class of seniors […]

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Dividends matter

Why Dividends Matter – Revisited

A couple of years ago Kiplinger Personal Finance ran an article that discussed the wisdom of investing in dividend-paying stocks.  The information in the article is pretty well-covered territory at Foothills Financial Planning, but a sub-article covering Why Dividends Matter almost sounded like an advertisement for the Camelback Fund, which made it a good candidate for coverage in this blog. […]

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Bond Bubbles and Dividend-Paying Stocks

Several months ago Jeremy Siegel and Jeremy Schwartz wrote an Op-Ed piece in the Wall Street Journal that stated (not for the first time) their feelings that Treasury bonds are in a bubble, and they suggested that dividend-paying stocks are the answer to a Treasury bond market that they feel is dangerous.  I heard from a number of […]

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Kevin O'Reilly in NAPFA Advisor Magazine

Kevin O’Reilly quoted in NAPFA Advisor Magazine – Understanding Health Savings Accounts

The November, 2011 issue of NAPFA Advisor magazine features a very informative piece titled Understanding Health Savings Accounts. I was honored to be a featured source for the article, as NAPFA Advisor is the official magazine of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, and is highly regarded in the world of fee-only financial advice.

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Staying The Course

In the paper “The impact of staying invested during market turmoil“, Russell Investments presents some data demonstrating the consequences of several different courses of action during the 2008 financial downturn, through the end of 2010. The data shows what would have happened if a hypothetical investor had a $100,000 portfolio, and had invested 60% of […]

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My Family

Quoted in Reuters: How parents of multiples tackle financial challenges

My family was recently featured on Reuters Money regarding the financial challenges faced by parents of triplets/multiples. Aside from the nervousness of laying ourselves bare for the world, it caused me to reflect on that period of our lives, and review some of what we did right and wrong. Certainly, there are some unique and often surprising financial […]

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What is an ETF?

What is an ETF and why should you care?

An exchange-traded fund, or ETF, is an investment that trades on a formal exchange, like a stock. Unlike a stock, a share represents an undivided interest in a pool that invests in multiple assets. For instance, the first ETF in the US was created to fully replicate the S&P 500.  As such, it theoretically invested in the […]

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Live like a millionaire

The Timelessness of The Millionaire Next Door

I resisted reading The Millionaire Next Door for a long time, because the title led me to the assumption that it was a get-rich-quick tome.  I was very wrong about that, and I was disappointed that I waited so long.  I’ve now read the book several times.  Far from being a book in the genre of Rich Dad, […]

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