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Stuff My Triplets Say – Press Releases

Several years ago, when my kids were in Kindergarten, my middle triplet decided to offer his advice on the subject of a press release I was writing. I believe it was on the topic of a new certification I had been granted. The conversation went something like this: Me (to my wife): “Honey, I need some […]

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Stuff My Triplets Say – Credit Cards

In celebration of our triplets turning eight today, I’d like to share a conversation that recently took place in our house. Son: Mom, you used your credit card? So you didn’t have to pay? Other son: You have to pay at the end of the month; otherwise, you pay double the next month. And if […]

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Turkey and triplets

Stuff My Triplets Say – Thanksgiving Edition

For several years, without particular discipline or regularity, I’ve been capturing random statements that come out of the mouths of my triplets. This was recommended to me by more seasoned parents, and it seems like the kind of thing I’d regret not having done 15 years from now. In the spirit of sharing at Thanksgiving, I […]

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