College scholarships for twins and triplets

As we approach the time of year during which high school seniors finalize their college plans, I thought I’d offer a post detailing some scholarships that are either exclusive to or particularly valuable for twins and triplets.  Paying for college is a burden known to most parents, but it’s particularly taxing to those who have multiple kids going away to school at the same time.  Please note that I’ve done some research on each of the scholarships listed, but I am certain there are more out there.  I will post more as I become aware of them, but please feel to use the Contact page on the main Foothills Financial Planning site to send me a note with any information that might be helpful to others.

Note that these are not in any special order, although I am starting with my alma mater.

triplet scholarships

Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

The Kelley School offers the Layton Frazier McKinley Scholarship established by his brother, Lewis E. McKinley.  The preference is that the recipient is a twin, especially an identical twin.

George Washington University

Although not specific to multiples, George Washington University offers a 50% discount for siblings, which would obviously be beneficial for twins and triplets.

Wilson College – Chambersburg, PA

The all-female Wilson College offers the Twins and Triplets scholarship, which provides a 45% discount on tuition as long as all students remain enrolled full-time.

Eastern Michigan University

The Furlotte Twins Scholarship is available at Eastern Michigan, in the amount of $571.

Lake Erie College

Lake Erie calls its Twins Scholarship a full tuition scholarship, although it is split 50/50 between twins.  Nonetheless, Buy One Get One Free is a pretty good deal when it comes to a college education.

Appalachian State University – Boone, NC

Appalachian State offers the Misti Dawn Triplet Memorial Scholarship, which doesn’t appear to have formal criteria beyond a North Carolina state residency requirement, but presumably being a triplet would help.

Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, OH

Scholarships are awarded each year at the Twins Days Festivals.  Awardees are repeat festival-goers.

There are many local clubs and organizations dedicated to parents of multiples, and they sometimes offer scholarships.  By their nature, the sums may not be as substantial as what is provided by the schools themselves, but every little bit counts.  One very noble offering comes from the Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, Inc., which offers $100 and $300 scholarhips to several parents of multiples who are furthering their education.

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