Want a Job? Education Pays

I continue to be surprised and somewhat perplexed about the current popularity of questioning the value of a college education.  I think there are many thought-provoking aspects to the discussion, a couple of which make a lot of sense to me.  Let’s face it:  the ever-escalating cost of college is making life more financially difficult for the average student than it was a couple of decades ago.  I also think there’s validity to the argument that not everybody is cut out for the standard college curriculum.  But there are different ways to go about getting an education, and I don’t think it makes sense to discourage students from improving their educational lot in life.  Why?  Because it improves their overall lot in life.

A quick look at the following chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the real equality gap in the US employment equation.  In short, the unemployment rate for those who’ve completed an undergraduate degree program is within range of what is generally considered “full employment”.  Those with no degree face high unemployment.

Value of an Education

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