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Credit card users spend more

The Easier It Is, the More We Spend

The research is pretty unambiguous – the average consumer spends more when using a credit card than when paying cash. This probably makes sense to most of us on an intuitive level, but it may seem like the gap would be small.  Furthermore, credit cards have some definite benefits over our traditional transaction mechanism, cash. […]

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My Family

Quoted in Reuters: How parents of multiples tackle financial challenges

My family was recently featured on Reuters Money regarding the financial challenges faced by parents of triplets/multiples. Aside from the nervousness of laying ourselves bare for the world, it caused me to reflect on that period of our lives, and review some of what we did right and wrong. Certainly, there are some unique and often surprising financial […]

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Live like a millionaire

The Timelessness of The Millionaire Next Door

I resisted reading The Millionaire Next Door for a long time, because the title led me to the assumption that it was a get-rich-quick tome.  I was very wrong about that, and I was disappointed that I waited so long.  I’ve now read the book several times.  Far from being a book in the genre of Rich Dad, […]

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