Stuff My Triplets Say – Thanksgiving Edition

For several years, without particular discipline or regularity, I’ve been capturing random statements that come out of the mouths of my triplets. This was recommended to me by more seasoned parents, and it seems like the kind of thing I’d regret not having done 15 years from now.

In the spirit of sharing at Thanksgiving, I thought I’d call up a food-related item from the archives.

A few years ago when my son was 4 or 5, he doubled over in what appeared to be acute pain and loudly said “Owwww”!

Mom: “What’s wrong?”
Son: “My sweetestine hurts!”
Mom: “Your what?!”
Son: “My sweetestine.  It’s right next to my intestine, and when it hurts I need something sweet…fast!”

He’s been trying to run scams on us ever since.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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